About Us

As an authentic Indian rooted in our vibrant culture, I’ve grown up seeing my elder generations care for what they have to make it last longer. On Sundays, with tea flowing through the kitchen, the entire family used to sit down for ‘chumpees’ (hair care sessions) using oils made with love, affection, and desi ingredients. Since then, I have been making my own organic and 100 % natural hair oils for my family and near and dear ones. When the lovely reviews and the see-it-to-believe-it results overflowed, I was inspired to launch these oils out in the Indian market.

Thus began a series of countless experiments with curating ingredients, extensive R&D, and formulating the right blends for each type of hair woes. Most importantly, to imbibe the Indian nuances of hair care, I created a unique concept of Oil Pods. Oil Pods by Mikami is a measured system of using oils to apply the exact amount required for nourished and shiny hair.

With consistency and ease of use as the focus, I found that alternate-day applications over 15 days brought out the best-intended results. This, along with some millennial-friendly packaging, gave birth to the 8 Oil Pods packages that you see on this website today.

For those of you wondering, as a first-time entrepreneur, I did not lose any hair (but lots of sleep) during the entire process, and now you know why! As a mother of two, for me, Mikami is not just a product but also an essential and effective excuse for reconnecting my family and the ties that give us our identity.

Like a braided weave of plaits, the Mikami experience is interlocked with scientific blends, natural goodness, and trust passed on through the generations. Trust me, you’ll be ‘oiled for choice’!

I welcome you to join the Mikami Family and reconnect with the ‘roots’ of our culture – the wholesome experience of family members engaging in a simple hair oiling session, enjoying each other’s company, and nurturing, creating everlasting bonds.

Always rooting for you,

Supperr Happie With MIKAMI !!

As a homemaker, I neglected my hair the most. And it resulted in serious hair fall. My beautician recommended ‘MIKAMI’ Hair Oil and from the day I started applying it, my hair seem to be finding their roots.

Aarti Rawlani


When I purchased my 1st oil pods set from MIKAMI, I was worried how it will work on my hair. But after using your oil pods my hair looks more shinny frizz free and super strong.


Yukita Khanna