27 Oct , 2021

Coconut Oil

Ah, good old coconut oil, these days, there has been a big surge in people becoming fans of it! Coconut oil – among other oils like Morrocan, jojoba, and basil oils –  has become a staple item for people not only in the beauty community but the skincare and health community as well!


The health and wellness community, in particular, likes to rave about virgin coconut oil, are you aware of the benefits of it? No? Take a look below! 

  1. Prevents hair breakage and split ends

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil helps in protecting the hair strands against damage which can occur quite often with all the products we tend to put in our hair regularly. The damage from the heat of the styling products such as straightening irons or curling irons, as well from the heat of the sun can also damage our hair significantly. The oil offers protection against all this by forming a layer of protection when it coats the hair upon application.

      2.Offers protection from lice

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is an absolute godsend for those who suffer from the attack of lice. It contains antibacterial properties which spread with the oil and repel lice and their eggs from attaching themselves to your hair strands, and therefore, preventing the havoc that lice can wreak on your precious hair and scalp. 

     3.Hydrates and Moisturizes the skin

As mentioned before, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is an extremely nourishing oil as it is nutrient-rich and offers proper moisture to the skin. Apply it on your skin right after you exit the shower or bath, it creates a barrier over your skin and does not let the water escape, thus providing prolonged hydration and moisture to your skin!

     4.Antioxidant Benefits

As the name suggests, cold-pressed coconut oil is made without any heat. The coconut meat is scooped out and pressed so that you’re left with pure coconut oil. On the other hand, refined coconut oil is made from dried coconut meat. The coconut meat is typically bleached and deodorized and heated in a hydraulic press before undergoing further heat and filtering. As with all food processing, the addition of heat reduces the antioxidant content of refined coconut oil. Therefore, cold-pressed oil can be expected to have higher levels of antioxidants than its refined counterpart. 

     5.Acts as a Salve for Wounds and Burns

Coconut is good for the skin, especially in the treatment of wounds, burns, and dermatitis. It also acts as a sunblock, and as a moisturizer for the skin, thanks to the two primary fatty acids in unrefined coconut oil, caprylic and lauric, and to its antioxidant component, which team up to reduce inflammation under the skin and promote better healing.