27 Oct , 2021

Hair Care Tips – Pre & Post Holi

Holi is one of the most sought after festivals in India due to the vibrancy of colours used during its celebrations. Though it is a festival full of fun, there is a possibility of certain amount of damage it can cause to your hair. Since there is no control on the quality of colours and water used during Holi, one needs to be extra careful while celebrating it. However, if you still do want to participate and not miss out on any of its charm, there are certain pre and post care’s that you can take to maintain the health of your hair.

Pre-Holi Hair care tips

  1. Holi is celebrated in the day times during early summer. Since the sun beats down too heavily around these times, it can have an adverse effect on your hair. It is advisable to apply a leave in hair conditioner, as the excess moisture in it protects the hair from the possible damage.
  2. The possibility of damage to dry hair is more hence, it is recommended to apply some natural oil to your hair before participating in Holi. The oil coating on the hair works as a barrier against colours.
  3. If you suffer from dandruff conditions or have a dry scalp, you can add lemon drops to the well-oiled hair which balances the pH of the scalp.
  4. Simply tying your hair can be a better idea than leaving them loose as it minimizes the potential damage.
  5. Using organic colours can be a good idea as it works more of prevention than cure.
  6. Wearing a bandana on the head can also protect your hair from getting damaged.

Post-Holi Hair care tips

  1. As soon as you are done with playing with colours, the best thing to do is to brush your hair to remove all the dry colours from the hair and scalp.
  2. Applying home-made curd, a minimum half an hour before head bath can help protect your hair from damage. The lactic acid present in fresh curd is effective in removing colours and also moisturizes the hair simultaneously.
  3. Masking the hair for an hour before bath with a mixture of coconut oil, almond oil and egg yolks works wonders in removing the colour stains from your hair.
  4. Use of mild shampoo for thoroughly rinsing your hair is highly recommended as it can wash away the colours which are set lose by the application of curd or masking mixture.
  5. Once the hairs are totally dried after bath, it is of utmost importance to apply nourishment oil to the hair. It has a dual role to play as it moistures and nourishes the hair and scalp simultaneously.

From the above mentioned tips, you would have noticed that protecting your hair from the damages of Holi colours is a mix of both, preparedness as a part of prevention and damage control as a part of post event activity. Both need to be diligently carried out for maintaining the health of your lovely hair.