27 Oct , 2021

Oiling for Curly Hair | A Mikami Guide for your unique locks

Here’s your daily reminder that curly and coily hair requires. extra. moisture. And if you aren’t already using hair oil to help hydrate, strengthen, and enhance your texture, welp, you’ve officially come to the right place.

If you wondering if there are any benefits of oiling for curly hair?  The answer is YES!

And, How should we apply oil to curl hair? 

Let’s find out!  

  • As a pre-shampoo protector: 

They act as a protector before your shampoo. When you have oil on your hair, the shampoo is less damaging to your curls and the little remnants that do remain after shampooing will act as a sealant, sealing moisture in your hair strands. 

  • As a detangler :

Oils provide a lot of slip and thus make detangling very very easy. Done before your wash, oiling makes, detangling your curl knots further in the shower while conditioning, a breeze.  

  • As a deep conditioner: 

 The fatty acids in the oils help restore your hair’s lost lipid layer. So if your hair is very dry and rough, oiling definitely proves useful. The key here is to keep them for a longer duration.  

  • For hair growth:

 Along with a few oils that actually do penetrate the hair, another important benefit of oiling your hair is the massage that comes with it. It increases the circulation of blood to the scalp thus promoting growth. Here’s another post you may like.