25 Oct , 2021


When was the last time you showered your hair with some tender loving care? Our modern lifestyle that comes with physical and emotional stress can make your locks unhealthy and unhappy. It isn’t long before your healthy hair begins to bear the brunt of aggressive styling habits, pollution, and a general lack of attention.

While hair loss occurs naturally at an advanced age, in some people, however, it can occur as early as in their 20s. Did you know that the average, healthy human loses around 50 and 100 strands per day? Even though there exists no one perfect treatment for hair loss but thankfully, there are several natural ways to find your own version of hair loss treatment that works just for you.

Here’s are 3 Ms’ that we swear by for taking care of our gorgeous tresses!

1. Manage your Hair-Care routine:

Use an organic, chemical-free shampoo enriched with natural ingredients such as coconut, almond, castor, and avocado oil to regularly wash your hair. This will keep your scalp dirt-free and promote hair growth. Avoid brushing hair when they are wet as hair strands are weakest when they are wet. Try cutting down on using hot curl irons and hair dryers, as that can make hair follicles brittle and lose strength. It’s not just heated tools that cause hair damage. Even rough towel drying, and vigorous brushing can also weaken the follicle and cause breakage and significant frizz. You should gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry your hair. Avoid tying up your hair in tight buns or ponytails. 2-3 minutes of gentle head massage is always an excellent solution for a happy day. It will increase the blood flow directly to your follicles, which is super essential for hair growth and thickness.

2. Meals & Nutrition:

A good diet will also improve your body’s overall health, which will benefit your hair and scalp even further. Friendly and healthy hair vitamins are Vitamin E and B as they encourage blood circulation and help maintain shiny hair color. Biotin, found in protein-rich food, is essential for fatty acid synthesis in your body. Its deficiency might disrupt the natural hair cycle, leading to baldness. You can opt even for a Mediterranean diet which is rich in raw vegetables and fruits that can prevent baldness, predominantly female pattern baldness. Eating plenty of protein, omega 3, iron, fatty acids, and biotin will make your gorgeous hair twirl to its own beats. Finally, water is crucial for healthy hair and glowing skin. Keeping hydrated is the key to healthy hair. All you have to believe is the magic of double H – Hydration and Healthy Hair!

3. Maximize Your Lifestyle Habits:

Saying goodbye to stress being caused either through relationships or work woes can be a highly effective way of getting yourself a free hair fall treatment. Regular exercise is vital to our bodies’ overall health, and our hair can benefit from it. Indulging in 40 minutes of physical activity like walking, running, jogging, or swimming, 3-4 times a week, increases blood flow to the scalp. It further stimulates hair follicles to prevent shedding and improving hair growth. Make it a point to add stress hacks to your daily life, such as daily meditation, practicing gratitude, upgrading your sleep, and working out.

Pulling your hair out of frustration should be a scene reserved just for the movies and not your life. It is time for you to execute your own version of hair fall treatment, and with Mikami, we are naturally ‘hair for you’.