27 Oct , 2021

Causes of Hair Loss in Summer

Hair happens to be one of the most important components of a person’s face. Hair defines how a person looks and is often instrumental in highlighting the individual’s personality resulting in boosted confidence. It is therefore essential to properly groom your hair and keep them nourished all the time.

Every season brings along with it, its own challenges in hair care. With summer being just round the corner, let us see what these aspects are and how to overcome/align with them to maintain healthy hair.

Resting phase – During summer, the naturally warm weather impacts the hair follicles by possibly triggering the resting phase in them. This can be the primary reason for hair loss during summer.  In order to keep the hair follicles activated, it is advisable to massage the hair roots regularly with nourishing oils.

Water Loss – Our bodies lose a lot of water during summer due to sweating which results in improper circulation of liquids in the body. If the proper nourishment does not reach the hair follicles, it leads to hair loss.   To stay properly hydrated, it is essential to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Water works as a natural source of nourishment for the body and hair.

Diet – Summer also directly affects diet intake in most of the people. If one is not eating right with the right kind of nourishment, it is more likely to affect the overall health of an individual. How can scalp and hair not get affected by it? The obvious result is thinning of hair due to hair loss. To arrest hair loss during summer, it is recommended to have a healthy and balanced diet. Avocados, sweet potatoes, walnuts and almonds for vegetarians and fish like salmon, oysters and eggs for non-vegetarians can be of great help in averting hair loss.

Perspiration – In summer we perspire more. If it is not possible to cleanse your scalp and hair frequently, it leads to sticky hair which accumulates more dirt and grease. With rising pollutants, the dirt in the hair can actually lead to more hair fall. To prevent hair loss in such cases, it is a must to keep your head, hair and scalp clean with gentle cleansing soaps and shampoos. Once the hair and scalp are clean and dry, proper application of nourishing oils can help prevent hair loss.

Stress – Our current lifestyles are full of stress. The physical aspect of stress only gets aggravated due to excess heat during summer. One of the side effects of summer related stress is also hair loss. If we build a habit of massaging our head and scalp with natural nourishing oils, not only does it relieve us from physical stress, but also helps us to rest and sleep well and nourishes our hair, as well.

Exercise – Proper exercise is always advisable for good health. A healthy body is likely to have healthier hair than a weaker one. Doing optimum exercises, especially yoga and pranayama show extremely positive results in avoiding hair loss.  In summer, shifting your exercise routines to cooler parts of the day can have wonderful outcome not only on your body and mind but also on the state of your hair.

Though summer instigates many reasons for hair loss, with proper care and nourishment we can certainly overcome them.